I thought I read that somewhere, but I can’t find any trace of it on the internet; I’m doing a report on Dylan Thomas and want to put that little tidbit in – if it’s true.


His real name is Robert Allen Zimmerman, which is Jewish. In one of the Dylan bios he used the stage name Bob Dillon, the surname Dillon coming from Matt Dillon of the TV show “Gunsmoke” the he liked, and he like westerns, just before he left Dinkytown (to all his college friends derision). Some where along the line to the NYC folk scene, it morphed to Bob Dylan.

This “story” is probably the closest to the truth than all the others: Dylan was always in showbiz for the money. Just as others in the biz like Ethel Merman (Ethel zimMERMAN) needed a short/catchy/etc, name for the billboard Robert Zimmerman at first decided on Bob Dillon (a tip of the hat to his TV hero Matt Dillon). At some time before he was asked for a stage name in NYC he discovered the Welsh name Dylan (very catchy homonym: connected with poetry ala Dylan Thomas but obscure to most Americans). I could see BD using the Welsh name without reading the DT poetry (at first anyway) – it was just a real COOL spelling.

I am writing music that uses three of his poems. How can I know if I can use them? Is there some type of Dylan Thomas legacy foundation that I can contact?


In most countries, copyright lasts for the life of the author plus a certain number of years, so all of an author’s works would fall into the public domain on the same date. In most countries, the “certain number of years” is 70. Dylan Thomas died in 1953, so his work is still in copyright. That means you need permission to use his poems.

Does anybody know what is actually going on in the poem “Deaths And Entrances” by Dylan Thomas?


There are many good websites that offer insights into the poetry of Dylan Thomas. You can find them by Googling or Yahooing. Pax – C

It’s the Dylan Thomas Theatre in South Wales and we need to match-fund a grant for refurbishment of the building. Ideas for fundraisers would be welcome. We are a registered charity in the UK.


I know it sounds crazy but when our local library had to raise funds, a member of our kennel club organized a dog bath and nail trim fund raiser. it was 10 dollars to have your dogs nails trimmed, 20 for a bath (owner brings its own towel) we got a local vet to offer rabies shots and give us 1/2 the money and got a pet supply company to donate the shampoo. You could even ask dog food companies for a donation to set up one of thier booths to give out free samples, remember there are lots of dog owners out there!

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A perfect security alarm system must also have a motion detection device. It ought to not be unable to secure particular entry points in your house including doors and windows. A loud siren will be automatically activated by any breach in these regions or it can send a SMS. With a timely response the trespasser can instantly be cared for.

In setting up the security alarm system in your home, you inquire how much time it would take to allow the proper to respond to your distress call and should also get in contact with the local police. You might also need to inspect the reliability of your alarm system to ensure that the chances of false alarms are not maximal. For those who have the budget, you may also avail of a tracking service to ensure that your house is secured 247.

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If you are a lover of the distinguished Dr. Oz, it’s possible that you simply have already discovered about satiereal saffron extract. The plant Crocus sativus is where this infusion comes from, its primary use being in culinary uses as a spice. In his display, the good doctor mentioned that having a saffron supplement must manage to suppress desire, minimize noshing, improve entire mood, and more importantly, help in weight loss while also encouraging a healthy life-style.

Dr. Oz gave emphasis on the way people resort to gluttony every time they experience psychological tension. What’s worse is these same folks make poor food options, often choosing instant foods which are packed with sugar, fat, and empty calories. Not merely can this cause an important escalation in weight, it might also guide the way for a wide variety of disorders which include heart attack, diabetes, as well as cancer.

To display people just how powerful satiereal saffron extract is, Dr. Mehmet Oz encouraged two girls to participate within an experiment where they would utilize the nutritional supplement for a complete of four weeks. In just the first weekend, the results demonstrate a total of 8 pounds lost for both subjects. They also maintained the frequency of their snacking was lowered by around 51% while also giving them an extended feeling of satiety.

This is because satiereal is successful in raising serotonin levels within your body. Serotonin is a hormone created by the mind to help manage your tension levels and disposition. The more of it-you have, the higher you will soon be capable to hold up against emotional stress and you’ll be able to make better eating decisions, and keep your cravings under control.

According to official investigation, satiereal saffron infusion has the ability to manage the physiological variables of eating senses which consequently helps you to keep snacking customs to a nadir. It is important to take note that many binge eaters do what they do as a response to pressure, discouragement, anxiety, and apathy. Saffron helps to modify a man’s behaviour in such positions by augmenting the entire body’s serotonin levels.

As for picking the appropriate saffron nutritional supplement, there are numerous factors you must consider and one is the reputation of its own producer. Ideally, you should stick with well-known firms with an excellent background, notably in the quality of their products. As for the product, make sure to check that it’s produced from pure saffron extract and it doesn’t feature any binders, fillers, or synthetic ingredients.

You should also check whether the merchandise actually comes from actual saffron, particularly from the bloom of the Crocus sativus plant. You will rest assured that you’re finding a quality satiereal saffron infusion if it was manufactured on an US Food And Drug Administration-approved laboratory also it follows the recommendations set by the United States Food And Drug Administration’s GMP software. As for the dosage, try and look for a commodity that provides the greatest possible amount of saffron extract per serving.

Above all, you might want to consult your doctor first before you attempt any supplement created using satiereal saffron extract. This is particularly true for people who are taking medications that directly affect serotonin amounts. For the best results, make sure you combine your satiereal supplementation with the correct diet and sufficient exercise. In the end, you do wish to lose those extra pounds and keep them away forever right?

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With the moringa tree being well-known all over the world as the miracle tree, no other part comes close to its versatility and nutrition as its leaves. The leaves can be used as an ingredient in a wide range of dishes and nutritional supplements, but consuming it in tea form is the most convenient way of enjoying all the nutrients it has to offer. So what are the benefits of moringa tea anyway?

Hands down, the leaves of the moringa tea are the undisputed champion in delivering nutrition, and consuming them in tea form is pretty much the same as taking a sip of multivitamins and minerals. You’ll be surprised at how much more vitamin C it has over oranges, more potassium than bananas, and more vitamin A than carrots. How often do you get that much nutrients in your regular tea?

Another good reason for drinking this refreshingly great tea is the abundant amount of antioxidants it has to offer. As you may already know by now, cancer is primarily caused by the formation of free radicals in the body, and this is what antioxidants are targeting in your body. In this age of fast food and chemical pollution, we really should take advantage of the benefits of moringa tea.

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For pregnant women, the benefits of moringa tea are good news for them because it comes packed with all the essential vitamins and minerals that they need to properly support the growth and development of the baby inside them. Even breastfeeding women ought to give this tea some attention because it can considerably increase production of breast milk and enrich it with more nutrients.

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And while you have a lot of other options to choose from when it comes to teas, a good reason for choosing moringa tea is that its antioxidant content is more effective. The reason lies behind the type of process used in making this tea – the leaves are freeze dried so that all nutrients are kept whole as possible. This is in contrast to other teas which uses the process of fermentation.

With all the benefits of moringa tea that you have learned about, you should already have an idea of how it can change your life for the better. By living a healthy lifestyle and incorporating it in your diet, it’s likely that you will deal less often with stress, flu, hypertension, and that feeling of sluggishness. Don’t you think it’s about time you did yourself a favor and try this miracle drink from nature?

Right before you buy domain name for your business website, you need to consider this question first: Are you absolutely sure that the domain name you’re acquiring is the optimal one for your firm? It’s not unusual for beginner site owners to commit the mistake of not pondering their selected domain name ahead of its purchase. The domain name is probably not illustrative enough with respect to the website. The specified domain name might not be SEO-friendly. Or most likely the domain name previously has been around before and was linked to unsavory affairs that can weaken the business’s reputation. Quite often, these beginner website owners only figure out their error once the website is actually all set and there’s no longer any turning back.

Therefore, it’s extremely important that you give your domain name with some substantial thought first before you actually get it. You dont want to purchase a domain name and then have regrets later on simply because you’ve realized you’ve made the wrong course of action. When you look into a few components now, you will be saved from a considerable amount of difficulties with regards to this case in the long run.

However, precisely what are these elements that you have to give some thought to when you purchase a domain name? Basically, as said before, your chosen domain name should tie in with the purpose of your actual website or firm. Therefore, you need to think about a name that clearly identifies this purpose. Just before Google changed its concentration on branding, webmasters generally widely used their most critical keywords for their domain names. This is meant to make their webpage enhanced for search engines. Should you wish to utilize your keywords, you may still do so. Nevertheless, it may benefit you considerably more if you elected your brand name as your domain name as an alternative to your keywords.

One other chore you need to deal with prior to your purchase of a domain name is to see whether the name was previously utilized before. A great way you can do it is by tracking with The Wayback Machine or various other similar free websites. In the event the domain name you decided on was pre-used, then you should have a look at its backlinks and what type of enterprise it was related to. If you find that the domain name is penalized or was once used to propagate hate, support sexually graphic material or conduct any illegitimate elements, it may be more advisable that you should go with some other name. Whilst we’re on the subject of associations, when you decide on your URL name, you need to make perfectly sure that it is not exactly like any trade name already being employed. As an example, it might not be a good idea that you should choose a URL name similar to www.google-seo.com if you’re going to make use of the website to advertise an SEO company. You might get into legal complications for trademark infringement.

One additional strategy you will find helpful in the event you purchase your domain name is to keep it compact. Nevertheless, it holds that your choice of domain name must be as certain of your aim as it can be, as mentioned before. Nonetheless, a domain name like datingandrelationshipadviceandtips.com might be harder to key in, let alone bear in mind, rather than a domain name along the lines of thelovedoctor.com.

Last of all, but certainly not the least, you must invest in a .com top-level domain. It might be rather pricey to acquire a .com, but a .com most certainly seems more competent as opposed to less costly .info or .biz domains. Additionally, the less expensive domains are normally linked to spammers.

These are the details you should ponder on very carefully in case you purchase a domain name. Keep in mind that your choice of domain name will play a huge role to the performance of your website, as well as the trustworthiness of your company. Thus, you must give some thought to your picks a bit more significantly before you decide to purchase a domain name.

To deal with your shipping demands, finding the right shipment business that will ensure that your items will arrive without hassle is extremely important. Picking the right shipping enterprise is often a challenging undertaking since there are a lot of shipping companies in Singapore. A great number of elements have to be looked at prior to you making your selection. In the long run, however, your choice will probably be entirely based on the consistency of the transport firm.

A number of businesses are often willing to pick out a shipment organization in accordance with the rate quoted to them. However, it’s only rational to pick a shipment enterprise that gives a superb service at a competitive price. Nevertheless, that should not be the only element to give some thought to. Keep in mind that a cheap rate doesn’t necessarily assure a top-notch service. Due to the high number of shipping companies in Singapore, you should opt for the services of a enterprise that has plenty of expertise in managing the products properly. Utilizing a sturdy component to package the sensitive items with is certainly a must. Basically, you ought to look for a shipment organization that preserves the quality of your cargo.

On time shipping is a critical element in opting for the best transport enterprise. This holds most accurate for organizations whose cargo is time-sensitive. Regardless, you ought to refrain from getting into business with shipping companies that are known for delayed shipments. Or else, you can anticipate that the outcome will not be pleasant. If the transport company you have opted for disappoints you, expect to lose your customers. A handful of shipping companies in Singapore are highly-regarded because of their consistency with regards to meeting shipment deadlines. So choose prudently.

And lastly, proper insurance is an additional needed factor to give some thought to in selecting a logistics enterprise. You ought to know by now precisely how critical it is to obtain insurance protection. After all, you cant ever really guarantee that nothing will go bad. You simply cannot entirely remove the possibility of your shipment being robbed. To provide you with a confidence, you ought to look for a shipping company that will take total accountability for your products. By expecting these scenarios, you can be geared up and prepared to take on any issue that may proceed your way. Keep your faithful consumers efficiently by selecting a logistics firm with remarkable services. That may be the most crucial factor in deciding on the best of the many shipping companies in Singapore.

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